"Your Eyes Tell Me"

"Silverbird have just released their latest single 'Your Eyes Tell Me'.

A unique mix of folk and rock brought together with the stunning vocal ability of lead singer Otto Steiner.
The band have captured something pretty special with their latest release, building on their history of strong songwriting to bring this accomplished piece to the ears of the masses.

'Your Eyes Tell Me' is a sure fire winner and deserving of a place on any playlist."

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"All I Know"

"First up we have the addictive soft rock hit ‘All I Know’ by Silverbird, this track’s enticing vocals and catchy acoustics make it a must listen for fans of laid back classic rock."

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"Standing At The Edge Of Life"

"Fans of laid back rock will love Silverbird’s new single ‘Standing At The Edge Of Life’. With a subtle hint of country, you won’t be able to get this one out of your head."

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"Fly Into The Light"

“Superbly recorded and arranged big pop tracks here..love that uplifting chorus for "world's end", and a great anthemic ballad with "with your arms around me"..great playing guys..shiny as gold !”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverb Nation


“What a wonderful original sound you all have. I can't think of anyone who combines folk with a pop approach that sounds anything like you. Congratulation !”

scott j - Reverb Nation

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