We are Silverbird:



Otto Steiner (left):   Lead and backing vocals, e- and a-guitars, mandolin.

Roland Römer (middle):   Bass, percussion, background vocals.

Lothar Jackel (right):   Drums, percussion, background vocals.


The roots of Silverbird are widespread and lie between singer-songwriter, rock, folk, pop and heavy metal.
From this diversity the band has created a unique style with a high recognition value.
This is reflected in the following review on ReverbNation:

“What a wonderful original sound you all have. I can't think of anyone who combines folk with a pop approach that sounds anything like you. Congratulation !” - scott j - Reverb Nation.

Catchy melodies and songs with heart and soul are signature features of the band.
The lyrics are about dreams, big emotions, about dayly struggle and longings and tell stories from the journey through life.

Initially the EP "Fly Into The Light“ and then the Single "Too Late" were pure studio projects.
At this moment Silverbird was a solo project of Silverbird’s founder Otto Steiner.
The recordings were made in collaboration with studio- and guest musicians and were presented by different radio stations including live studio talks and sessions.
After that he took to the road and was looking for spirit brothers he could continue this project with and present the songs live with a new livery.
Unexpectedly he found old friends on the way and so finally the band was complete in its current band lineup:

Otto Steiner - Lead vocals, e- and a-guitars, mandolin
Roland Römer - Bass, percussion, backing vocals
Lothar Jackel - Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Since then Silverbird released the singles Wild Land, Standing At The Edge Of Life, All I Know, Life Goes On and Your eyes Tell Me.
Here is an example of a review that reflects the positive response to the songs:

“First up we have the addictive soft rock hit ‘All I Know’ by Silverbird, this track’s enticing vocals and catchy acoustics make it a must listen for fans of laid back classic rock“ - On The Spot Music.

And so our journey continues:
At least two new singles will follow 2022 and after that an album.
We will gladly take you with us!


Our brand new single Emotion is out!!!
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This is a video trailer with a song cutout of Your Eyes Tell Me:

Our single Your Eyes Tell Me is out since July 2021.
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