We are Silverbird:



Otto Steiner (left):   Lead and backing vocals, e- and a-guitars, mandolin.

Roland Römer (middle):   Bass, percussion, background vocals.

Lothar Jackel (right):   Drums, percussion, background vocals.


“What a wonderful original sound you all have. I can't think of anyone who combines folk with a pop approach that sounds anything like you. Congratulation !” - scott j - Reverb Nation

“Superbly recorded and arranged big pop tracks here..love that uplifting chorus for "world's end", and a great anthemic ballad with "with your arms around me"..great playing guys..shiny as gold !” - MikeWhitePresents - Reverb Nation

Silverbird songs fill the full range in-between Singer/Songwriter and Rock, from melodic ballads up to stirring up-tempo songs.
Catchy melodies, expressive power and a distinctive musical style are signature features of the band.
The lyrics are about dreams, big emotions, about dayly struggle and longings and tell stories from the journey through life.

Initially the EP "Fly Into The Light“ and then the Single "Too Late" were pure studio projects.
At this moment Silverbird was a solo project of the singer and songwriter Otto Steiner.
The recordings were made in collaboration with studio- and guest musicians and were presented by different radio stations.
After that he took to the road and was looking for spirit brothers he could continue this project with and present the songs live with a new livery.
Unexpectedly he found old friends on the way and so finally the band was complete in its current band lineup:

Otto Steiner -

Lead and backing vocals, e- and a-guitars, mandolin.
Roland Römer -

Bass, percussion, backing vocals.
Lothar Jackel -

Drums, percussion, backing vocals.


Our brand new single All I Know is out since May 8, 2020.
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Our single Standing At The Edge Of Life is out since November 2019.
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